Pain Neutralization

The Pain Neutralization Technique was developed by Dr. Stephen Kaufman in the late 1980’s as a response for the need for a chiropractic adjustment to deal with chronic muscle pain and trigger points. Trigger points are caused by a lack of blood circulation in muscle tissue. This lack of circulation causes an aching sensation in the muscle, which can become chronic and more painful over time. Most commonly trigger points cause pain when pressure is applied to them, and they are typically located near the site of injury or trauma. The focus of Pain Neutralization technique is to locate and treat latent trigger points that can cause pain throughout the body.

Pain Neutralization Technique involves the use of reflexology and neurology to treat the cause of the trigger points. These trigger points may be located far from the source of the long-term pain. The technique focuses on stimulating the blood flow to the trigger point associated with the area where the patient is experiencing pain. Increasing blood flow helps to repair damaged tissue, causing pain to subside.

The Doctors at ProCare Chiropractic have received special training in the Pain Neutralization Technique. They are able to perform a series of tests to find out if you could be helped by Pain Neutralization Technique, and what their treatment recommendations are for you. If you are suffering from chronic muscle pains or have been told that you have Fibromyalgia, call our Clinic today and ask to see one of our Doctors about being treated with the Pain Neutralization Technique.


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